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07 August 2010 / Movies , Astro Boy, Movie,

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Astro Boy

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Editing by : Robert Anich Cole

Astro Boy was directed by David Bowers and produced by Maryann Garger with Pilar Flynn as associate producer. Tenma tries to replace Toby with a highly-advanced lookalike robot, programmed with all the memories taken from Toby’s DNA, using a strand of hair found in the baseball cap, and powered by the blue core.

The next day, Astro joins the kids in searching for broken robots, and comes upon an 100 year old construction robot named Zog. After defeating all previous opponents, enraging Hamegg, Astro is matched against Zog, but both of them refuse to battle. ” Astro’s words cause Tenma to have a change of heart, and he lets Astro escape.

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-- our future is here --
-- our future is here --

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